Ipad Apps

Here is a list of IPad apps that we have been using in my year 6/7 class at Port Elliot Primary.  I would love to hear from other people about the apps that they are using and how they are using them.

This list is only my suggestions, I would strongly recommend having a look at the app to make sure it meets your needs and is appropriate for your use.

Creative apps – digital story telling and movie making

 Puppet Pals  (free version or $2.99)

I really like this app and we have been using it a lot in the classroom.  It is great for story telling, etc.  You pick some actors and backgrounds, drag them onto the stage, and hit record. Your movements and audio are recorded in real time for playback later.  The paid version allows you to use photos for actors and backgrounds.

 Wee Mee Avatar Creator (0.99)

We use this app to easily create avatars on the Ipad.  The students are then using their avatars in movies, with the puppet pal app, for story telling, etc.

Playschool Art Maker (free)

This is a great app for younger students (although I have caught the year 6/7 students enjoying it).  It is similar to Puppet Pals.  Students can create pictures, animate movies and solve puzzles based on their favourite Playschool characters.

Toontastic (free)

Toontastic is similar to Puppetpals,  it is a story telling and animation app.

Book Creator for Ipad ($5.49)

An app that will let you create books that you can store in ibooks.

Epic Citadel (free)

This app is great for creative writing activities.  It is a fantasy world that students can explore.

Storylines (free)

This is described at a drawing game of “telephone”.  It is collaborative story writing and drawing.  One person picks a quote, the next illustrates it, the next person gives that picture a title, the next illustrates the title and so on.


Plinkerton ($1.99)

A great cyber-safety app that allows students to think about the choices that they make in their online world.


E-Books and Stories

Animalia ( $4.99)

An e-book based on Graham Base’s book Animalia.

Toy Story (free)

An interactive story book with games, movies, colouring in pages and more based on the movie Toy Story.

Miss Spider’s Tea Party (free)

A lovely e-book about a Spider who is trying to host a tea party but no one comes.

Our choice ($5.49)

This is the app that has been quoted as “changing the way we read books”.  An interactive book app by Al Gore about global warming.  The developers website has a trailer of the book that you can look at before downloading.

Fun Music Apps

Little Fox, Music Box ($2.99)

A very cute app!  More suited for younger children but my 13 year old still likes this one!  It is a music sing-along app with heaps of interactive elements.

 Just Dance 3 – Autodance (free)

Record yourself or your friends doing an action and autodance will sync these moves with music to create a fun dance.  If you look on you tube you will find thousands of examples of this app in use, even with animals.

 MadPad ($2.99)

This is one of my favourite apps at the moment.  You can create a music soundscape by recording short snippets of sounds in your environment and then creating a music masterpiece.

And of course the Apple produced apps…

Imovie ($5.49)

My class love using Imovie and find it a simple app to use for movie making and editing.  They especially love making the trailers.

Pages ($10.49)

Makes word processing on the Ipad easy.  Simple to transfer to pc via email or itunes.

Garage Band ($5.49)

We haven’t used this one much yet but I have heard good things about it.

2 Responses to Ipad Apps

  1. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for the app ideas Kathy. I will have a look. A couple of apps I find the little kids like and they are free is: Kids Doddle; Kaleidoscope; Stick Skater Free; Stick BMX Free. One for the older kids is Glow Puzzle. Cheers Dorothy

  2. Vicki Lacey says:

    My class (Reception/Year ones) are loving the storybook ‘The Great Cookie Thief’ and making their own WANTED posters using their own photos 😀

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