My name is Kathy Turley.  I am currently working at Port Elliot Primary School in South Australia.  I am working as the school ICT-Rich Coordinator and spend four days teaching the Year 6/7 class.  I am loving the opportunity be a part of the school’s leadership team and support staff to implement ICT devices in their classrooms.  I believe that it is an exciting time to be an educator.

My interesting in education include ICT and English teaching, particularly Accelerated Literacy.  I have presented at a number of State Expos in areas of spelling, maths and assessment.

I love to learn new things and like to challenge myself and so at the moment I am completing my Masters in Education through Newcastle University focussing on ICT and Boys Education.  I am enjoying the challenge of this however finding it difficult to fit in the assignments and the readings around my already busy life!

I have three beautiful children of my own who keep me very busy with sport, drama, dancing and ‘life’.  During summer we are members of the Port Elliot Life Saving Club and last summer I managed to tick an achievement off my bucket list by gaining my bronze medallion.

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