Parents Information Evening – ICT

A fantastic report from our Indonesian Teacher on our parent information night on ICT at Port Elliot Primary. We are doing some great things and it is nice to share it with families. Thanks Sandy Warner, Bu Cathy and Brenton Hudson for your supports.

Indonesian Teacher Reflections

On Thursday evening a group of 3 teachers & our principal invited our parents to come and learn about how teachers are using ICT in the classroom. We promoted the event through our newsletter, word of mouth & on our school Facebook page. IMG_8838.PNG
The 3 teachers were Sandy, a year 3 teacher, Kathy, a year 7 teacher & ICT coordinator and myself, so we were a pretty good cross section of teachers from PEPS. We were all there early to prepare for our presentations and Kathy also set out a great display of recent purchases that have been very popular with students.IMG_8839.PNGOur first families to arrive went straight to this table where the children had heaps of fun coordinating the ‘dinosaur’ to munch on Mr Hudson (our principal)!

While the number of parents who turned up wasn’t overwhelming, it was a lovely, cozy group, representing all year levels, which…

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