Students taking over the classroom!

Yes!  The students have taken over our classroom in the form of student planned and delivered lessons.  Over the past three years I have given the students in my class the opportunity to teach the class something that interests them and the resulting lessons have been engaging and enjoyable.

Aidan's Flags of the World Lesson

Before they teach the lessons I share with them some of my lesson plans and discuss the fact that as a teacher I spend a lot of time preparing what I teach the class. We discussed that I need to know the content that I am teaching, I need to be prepared with all the resources that are needed during the lesson and I need to think about the student behaviour and how I will manage any inappropriate behaviours.

Students are then given a simple lesson plan template that they need to fill in.  They usually have around three to four lessons to plan what they will be teaching. 

We then set aside at least a week for the students to present their lessons to the class.  We put up a blank timetable and students fill in when they would like to teach the class.  The lessons are varied in content – this year we have had the history of magic, flags of the world, minecraft, scratch, cooking lessons, pe lessons, stop motion and a lesson on France. 

The students enjoy taking part in each others lessons and it is always interesting to see the activities that they develop to keep the class interested.  As with anything we do in the classroom, some lessons work well and some lessons are not so good.  

The assessment for these lessons occurs in a few ways.  I assess their lesson plans, preparation, knowledge, teamwork and delivery.  After the lesson the students go onto our class blog and write a reflection of the lessons.   They write a summary and reflect on what they think they did well and what they would change if they did the lesson again.  Once the students have done that the rest of the class are encouraged to write a response on the blog about how they thought the lesson went.  (The student reflection and assessment is something that I feel I need to work on with the students).

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