Real or Hoax Weebly Unit

My goal today was to create a unit of work that I can use with my year 6/7 class on using the internet smartly.  I particularly wanted them to realise that not everything that looks real on the internet is.  I wanted them to become critical uses of websites and to be willing to question what they read and see on the internet.  I also wanted to create something that I could use each year.  I started to create a notebook lesson but then thought that I would use a web based program called weebly.  Weebly is an easy to use web program that allows you to create high quality websites.

Last year I had a couple of students in my class create a cyber safety website using weebly but it was not a website that I had used myself (expect for when the boys were stuck and we tried to trouble shoot together.

I was surprised with how easy this site was to navigate and how quickly I was able to build up an interesting website that met my needs.

I am hoping to use this website with students this year as another way for them to present information in a global manner.

I would love you to look at my weebly lesson and give me any feedback that might help me to improve the lessons.  Have you used weebly with a class?  I would love to hear what you have done.

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