Sticky notes and hopes for 2013

During the holidays I finally discovered Pintrest. What a great site for collecting and sharing teaching ideas. I spent many hours ‘pinning’ new ideas that I wanted to try with my class this year – especially ones that allow my students to have a say in the running of the class and their learning.

One activity was using sticky notes to allow students to comment on their thoughts, hopes and worries about the new school year. I wrote a question on large white paper and then the students had 3 minutes to write a response and stick it up. I was impressed with the way that the students thought about the questions and answered honestly. I think the fact they could write their answers on the sticky notes and not in their books allowed them a bit more freedom to express themselves.


The common responses to this one were mature, responsible, fun, friendly and happy. All things that I also hope for our class this year. Although I did like the response about being clean!

Next question was school is important because…


Lots of response here about future paths and getting a good job. I quite like this response ‘school is important because it gives everyone an equal chance to learn and become the best you can be.’

I then asked three questions about their hopes for 2013, what they needed to do to be successful
and how other people could help them be successful.





Finally, we thought about what their worries or concerns were about this year and being a year 7. This was a great question because it allowed me to answer and discuss their concerns in a non-threatening manner. They also realised that a lot of them had the same or similar concerns about the year – maths, algebra, bullying and the work loud being common concerns.


I really enjoyed this task and really feel like it gave me a better picture of my new class, their hopes for the year, what they expect from each other and what they are worried about. I will definitely be using sticky notes in the classroom more often and can’t wait to try out the next Pintrest idea!

Have you seen any great ideas on Pintrest?

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1 Response to Sticky notes and hopes for 2013

  1. jodieallsop says:

    I agree that pintrest is a brilliant way of getting ideas on how to do hands on activities and make the childrens learning more fun. I recently found some great examples of alligators to use in teaching and greater than less than symbals. It is a website where time just disappears. Great post kathy!

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